Lera Chenchevaya Celebrates Promotion at TravelMuch

The travel industry can be highly competitive, stressful and full of daunting tasks. For Lera Chenchevaya, she makes it look easy. As a former tour guide and world adventurer herself, Lera Chenchevaya wowed all of her colleagues starting from the day she stepped the door in TravelMuch, a travel agent based out of Seattle, Washington.

Lera Chenchevaya’s unique approach to helping her customers is what made her stand out from her fellow employees from the start. Having been to many of the places people inquire about and having done lots of the extreme adventures that people often wonder about, Lera Chenchevaya is a tell-all of travel agents, who knows how to book the right flight and hotel, how to pack accordingly and how to have a great time while on vacation.

Of all of her life’s wild adventures, Lera Chenchevaya is asked about her time up Mt. Everest the most. She climbed the world’s highest mountain a few years back, with the help of a trusted Sherpa who reassured her of the necessity of tour guides in some areas.  Customers often walk through the doors at TravelMuch and find themselves compelled by a Lera Chenchevaya story, and the one she speaks of Mt. Everest never gets old for her co-workers who hear her tell it almost every day.

Her exciting stories kept people coming back, and with the glass doors always in full revolution the managers at TravelMuch realized in her early stages of employment that Lera Chenchevaya would be a good fit there. They saw the potential in her personalized approach to customer service and her extensive travel expertise, and she hasn’t let them down yet.

Just last month, Lera Chenchevaya was given a promotion to Site Manager after her last Manager quit. Evidently Lera Chenchevaya’s enthusiasm was too much for the last manager to contain, and the superior quit after Lera made her look so bad. While it was nothing personal from Lera, she sure is happy to have a bigger desk and a fatter paycheck. She took the offer without hesitation, can’t wait until the next one comes around.


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