Lera Chenchevaya: Workout Tips

As an extreme sports enthusiast, as well as a time-tested international traveler, Lera Chenchevaya more than understands the importance of staying in shape. Being physically fit requires diligence, tenacity and persistence; a constant commitment to the idea that your body is your most important tool, and steps must constantly be taken to ensure your body is healthy, strong and prepared for intense physical challenges.

Лера Chenchevaya

Лера Chenchevaya

Lera Chenchevaya provides several tips for people seeking to get the most from their current workout routines.


Stay consistent and devoted to your workout routine. Lapses in your commitment, says Lera Chenchevaya, have the tendency to snowball into a state of defeat, one where the individual has eventually just given up on the idea of physical fitness altogether. Whatever it is you’re doing to stay fit, she says, stick with it, and be sure to dedicate yourself to the same amount of laps, reps, time or whatever happens to be involved.

Be Realistic

You may have aspirations for a target weight or health, says Lera Chenchevaya, and these ideals are a great thing to shoot for. It’s important to remember, however, that physical fitness is a progression, and that it often requires the accomplishment of smaller goals before reaching the larger ones. Set smaller, more realistic workout goals, says Lera Chenchevaya, and be closer to your ideal than you ever thought possible.

Workout with a Friend

It often helps, says Lera Chenchevaya, to find a partner, friend or colleague who shares your fitness goals, as well as your dedication to reach them. Workout partners are great for providing encouragement, and can end up becoming your biggest motivator and ally as you strive to meet your fitness objectives.


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