Lera Chenchevaya Provides Advice on Becoming a Better Tour Guide

Experienced travel agent and tour guide Lera Chenchevaya throws herself completely into her work, passionately guiding people through the natural awe-inducting beauty and splendor of the magnificent backcountry of the state of Washington. As a tour guide, Lera Chenchevaya is afforded the opportunity to not only educate people on the history and natural geography of the area, but to also open up an entirely new world to eager young minds.

Лера Chenchevaya

Лера Chenchevaya

Lera Chenchevaya wants everyone to have a better touring experience, which is why she offers several helpful ways for professional tour guides to become better and more effective guides into our past, present and future.

Address the Crowd, Not the Subject

Be sure to always face the people you’re speaking to, says Lera Chenchevaya, not the topic you’re discussing. Keep yourself aware at all times of the direction your facing, and if you can be heard by members of the crowd.

Make it Relatable

It helps to get your point across more effectively, says Lera Chenchevaya, if you impart a personal anecdote here and there within the course of the tour. Anecdotes help to create more of a personal connection with the audience, and are a great way to garner and hold onto people’s attention.

Keep It Moving

Keep your tour moving as quickly as possible, says Lera Chenchevaya. Don’t let your group become stagnant or stuck in a particular position or area. Talk as you move, and make sure everyone is keeping up with the group.



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