Lera Chenchevaya: Find Your Escape

As an international travel expert, guide and agent, Lera Chenchevaya can not emphasize enough the benefits of an international traveling experience. Not only can a new and exotic destination provide you an amazing opportunity for relaxation and escape, says Lera Chenchevaya, it can also become of one of the most memorable and eye-opening experiences you’ll ever have. The opportunity to explore life and humanity from an entirely new perspective is one an individual should never pass up.

Лера Chenchevaya

Лера Chenchevaya

Lera Chenchevaya can help you find your escape, and will work with you to select the destination and plan the trip you’ve always dreamt of. As a long-time Seattle-area professional, she has worked with thousands of clients on building and achieving the vacations of their dreams, helping them sift through their travel options and guiding them towards the choice that best suits their budgets and their ideal.

Lera Chenchevaya wants everyone to know just how amazing the international travel experience can be, and looks forward to sharing her expertise with every new and existing client. She has earned the reputation of being one of the best and most qualified international travel experts in the country, perhaps even the world, and has built this reputation on the strong foundation of trust and communication she establishes with everyone she serves.

Lera Chenchevaya wants you to develop the same unwavering passion and interest in travel that she’s had from early childhood. She will walk you through your travel options, provide you with many quality choices, and help you design the vacation of your dreams.


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