Lera Chenchevaya: Exploring Seattle

Lera Chenchevaya has spent much time exploring the City of Seattle, and understands how beautiful the city is and what attractions it can offer both the casual tourist and the seasoned visitor. Below, Lera Chenchevaya shares some of her favorite Seattle-based attractions, places she recommends visiting to anyone seeking the most out of their next Seattle trip.

The Space Needle. The Space Needle has long adorned the Seattle skyline, and has become Seattle’s most notable and popular attraction. Take the time during your visit, says Lera Chenchevaya, to visit the Needle’s 520 feet high Observation Deck, have breakfast in the SkyCity Restaurant, and just breathe in the vibrant Seattle skyline.

The Pike Place Market. Seattle’s Pike Place Market is home to hundreds of local merchants, food producers, farmers, bakeries, fish markets and more. Lera Chenchevaya often makes her way down to the market to sample some of Seattle’s finely grown produce, or to scour the endless selection of fish and aromatic bakeries.

Seattle Aquarium. The Seattle Aquarium, says Lera Chenchevaya, is a great place to take the family. The Aquarium offers thousands of species of aquatic wildlife and exhibits for the whole family to enjoy, and is a great way to get the most value for your dollar. Lera Chenchevaya appreciates the many unusual and magnificent creatures on display at the Seattle Aquarium.

The Museum of Flight. This museum, says Lera Chenchevaya, offers an abundance of historic and modern displays of amazing aviation innovation, and is one of the best places in the state to learn about the impact of aircraft on both transportation and on modern society.


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