Lera Chenchevaya on Antarctica

Lera Chenchevaya understands that one of the most beautiful places on earth is also one of the hardest to explore. That would be the Continent of Antarctica. Lera Chenchevaya understands that the only time it is possible to travel there for pleasure is from November through March. January and February are the best times. Even then, Lera Chenchevaya cautions, it is extremely cold so be ready. Assuming you have the money to go there are 3 basic ways you can see Antarctica.


Лера Chenchevaya

Лера Chenchevaya

  • The safest but probably least satisfying is by Plane. You would hire a plane in one of the closest area, Chile or Australia Both countries have numerous tours via plane for this very purpose.
  • The next safest way to visit Antarctica is on a cruise ship. Many ships are specifically outfitted for exactly this purpose. You would be visiting the coastal town so no pictures of the south pole but you would be able to actual step onto the continent and explore the many incredible geologic formations. You would also be able to visit Mawson’s Huts which are the first hits for geologic surveys in Antarctica. These huts were built in the early 19 hundreds and established for the first tim a radio link outside of Antarctica, specifically to Australia.
  • The third and most dangerous way would be through a well outfitted private expedition. This would allow you to go anywhere ylou wanted however even at the height of it heat, the interior rarely reaches a high of, -19 degrees fahrenheit. In addition a well outfitted expedition is only a possibility for the most wealthy individuals and likely should stay that way because of the danger involved.

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